Work with me Marketing Consulting & Private Sessions



Studying the future helps us make smarter decisions today.

I help companies understand rising market opportunities, technological changes, and changing customers needs and beliefs. Inspire innovation within your organization by shining a light on macro trends and identifying potential areas for growth.


Your brand can define your ambition.

Successful executives and entrepreneurs recognize that communicating their idea is fundamental to its success. I help articulate your vision and develop compelling revenue strategies. Hone in your brand’s value proposition based on customer and brand fit to make a plan to leverage and drive brand expansion and growth.


You cannot manage what you cannot define.

I work closely with companies in need of a digital foundation to define a framework to put the right resources and structures in place to scale and grow their business.


Get in touch. These projects are taken on a limited basis and provided according to the unique needs of the brand or business. 




Take a step back and adjust focus, taking as little or as much time as you need. Get personal attention with private virtual sessions by video or phone. During this time, you are asked to abstain from using digital platforms and devices, allowing for deeper thinking and enhanced conversation.

Use your time to focus on:

  • Trends and market challenges
  • Personal branding
  • Strategic brainstorming
  • Professional mentorship and support

Book your session online and someone will reach out to schedule your appointment. In-person appointments are available in New York City.





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